Sinuous Flow, Gelatinous Form – Paul Prudence’s Mylar Topology

The Mylar Topology is a new panoramic performance piece by (southeast) London-based audiovisual artist Paul Prudence. Zooming into an amorphous zone of bubbling liquid deformation and scored by binaural drones, it contemplatively gazes into ever-evolving viscous texturescape. Oscillating between shimmering striation and gelatinous flow, its ambiguous forms allude to arrayed vertebral columns and congealing oil slicks. “It hints at macroscopic galactic genesis and microscopic rheological evolutions, simultaneously,” answers Prudence when asked about its aesthetic. “For a long time I’ve been unable to rid my mind of Ira Cohen’s lysergic film Invasion of the Thunderbolt Pagoda, which I learned he filmed by pointing his camera at reflections of distorted Mylar sheets to create visual effects.” He has taken that vintage optics and material-focused kernel of inspiration and morphed it into something new – and immersive. His statement about the project reveals a little more about its inner-workings:

Slowly transforming abstractions of iridescent wavelets and hyperchromatic emulsions are synchronised to binaural drones (known for their entrainment properties) and field recordings that add a subtle layer of texture. By combining the oscillation frequencies of the audio visual field it is possible to entrain the brain. It has been noted that brainwaves, or neural oscillations, share the fundamental constituents with acoustic and optical wave forms, including frequency, amplitude, and periodicity.

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Source: Creative Applications – 03/02/2017