Exhibition Opening Prima Materia

FIBER and Looiersgracht 60 are delighted to present the FIBER Festival exhibition Prima Materia, gathering the works of 16 interdisciplinary artists and designers who question and reimagine the relationship between man, technology and matter. In their attempts to speculate and experiment with the building blocks of our modern digital world, their ways of working share remarkable similarities to the centuries-old practice of the alchemists: the pre-17th century scientists/artists who searched for the connection between the raw materials of the earth and the design of the universe.

Relegated for centuries to the realm of the occult and pseudo-scientific, alchemy is enjoying a renewed appreciation for its methodologies and interests. Prima Materia draws a comparison between the alchemist and contemporary artists, designers, coders and engineers that strive to understand the essence of the matter surrounding them, through creation and speculation.

The opening takes place on Thursday May 11, 5 PM – 8 PM at Looiersgracht 60 in Amsterdam.


On Thursday May 11, the FIBER Festival kicks-off the it’s fourth edition at Looiersgracht 60 with the opening of the festival exhibition Prima Materia. The exhibition is a collaboration with the art, design and architecture centre and showcases art that questions and reimagines the relationship between man, technology and matter. We are delighted to see you from 5 till 8 PM.

Right after the opening you are invited to regroup at café Struik for the exhibition after party. Here we will find cold drinks and soothing sounds by non other than FIBER collaborator Piro. Piro (Paul Gabriëls) is co-founder of the Antenne evenings at OT301 and brings along a wide variety of basslines to wherever he goes. Come celebrate with us.

Location: Rozengracht 160 – 5 minutes walk from Looiersgracht 60 directions
Time: 9 PM – 1 AM
Entry: Free!