Leading international design studios in De Brakke Grond

For design students, engineers and everyone who wants to know what’s popping on the crossroads of design and technology, the Red Space of De Brakke Grond is the place to be during our festival on Saturday the 13th of May. Leading international design studios and projects Utopia-Blu, Hackers & Designers, Thingclash and Tellart give presentations of their work there in the Conference part of our program. The day before, Friday the 12th of May, Cedric Kiefer of Berlin-based agency onformative will also give an artist talk.

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Thingclash (NL)

Thingclash, a project of international, Amsterdam-based research group Changeist, works with the ever-expanding Internet-of-Things (IoT), devices that are connected to the internet — from toasters, home hubs and cars to even sex toys. Thingclash develops tools and activities that can help researchers, designers, technologists, strategists, policy makers and others to think more clearly, comprehensively and long-term about how we create a livable IoT future for all.

Utopia-Blu (NL/UK)

With their wearable designs made with 3D printing, cooperative architectural design firm UTOPIA blu* located in Amsterdam, NL and London, UK, are investigating cutting edge digital fabrication methods and limits of physical forms. They shape the future by pushing boundaries of art and science and merging complex geometry with technology.


Hackers & Designers (NL)

Hackers & Designers (H&D) is a non-profit cross-disciplinary community of programmers, engineers, designers, and artists who organise meetups and workshops with the aim of bringing the world of designers and artists and the world of technology makers together.



Amsterdam based agency Tellart is an award winning international design studio that creates interactive objects, immersive spaces and digital experiences for brands, museums and multi­national companies. With the Museum of the Future in Dubai, they speculate on how groundbreaking new technologies can shape our future society.

onformative (DE)

Berlin-based Studio onformative develop innovative projects across media that range from interactive installations and generative design to dynamic visuals and data-driven narratives. Observations of their surroundings inspire them to explore the possibilities that lie between analog and digital fields to examine the relationship of humans and technology.