Brume – Sebastian Wolf & Michael Kugler (DE)

Fri 12 May—Sun 21 May
Looiersgracht 60

Brume controls the state of matter, turning liquid into vapour. Using ultrasound energy, normally found in instruments used to see into the depths of the sea or into the organs of the body. This vapour appears hovering above a mysterious instrument, from which it emanates.

In the collaborative work Brume (2016), fog emerges and self-organizes on the surface on a sculptural element, merging with light into an elusive stratum. The installation utilizes a series of ultrasonic transducers that generate thick clouds of dense, yet extremely lightweight water vapor. Viewed from a distance, the fog appears as a visualized mass of air circumscribing the perimeter of the enclosure. The diffraction of light results in an interference pattern, allowing the viewer to perceive the collection of discrete droplets of water vapor, the undulations of which are reminiscent of ocean waves—a perpetually fluid landscape, dispersing and re emerging simultaneously. As the fog vanishes, so does the apparatus itself.


Sebastian Wolf (b. 1989, Brandenburg, Germany) creates interactive video and light installations. His work explores the relationship between nature and humanity and employs a fundamental approach to artistic creation that seeks the inherent aesthetic and emotional potential of novel technologies. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

Michael Kugler (b. 1984, New York, USA) is a media artist and filmmaker whose practice engages ‘psychogeographic’ modalities—practices, rituals, and spaces in which these occur. His recent work traverses the nebulous margins of science and art. He currently lives and works in Berlin.