Critical Making [Research Consortium] (NL)

Sat 13 May
De Brakke Grond

What is the added value of the artist in these market driven times? How can we reintroduce the concept of critical artistic reflection? Critical Making might be the answer.

New products and concepts are hastily produced and released with no critical reflection on their social consequences. A consortium of researchers and representatives of art & design institutions embedded in the field propose a different approach: Critical Making. 

Coined by Canadian designer Matt Ratto in 2008 and developed in a series of MIT Press Books, Critical Making is a proposal to bring back the critical methodology of artistic research in the contemporary technology-driven creative industry.

The ultimate objective is to develop products and services that are not only “smart” by label, but truly “smart” in respect to the critical reflection that went into their making. Therefore, our main research question is: How can the concept of Critical Making be expanded into a general approach that ties the critical methodology of artistic research, and the established concepts of artistic autonomy, together with contemporary creative-technological development?


Critical Making is a research project led by Professor Janneke Wesseling. Within this project she closely collaborates with researchers and private partners institutes embedded in the field.

    • Professor Dr. Janneke Wesseling (Leiden University)
    • Dr. Florian Cramer (Hogeschool Rotterdam)
    • Lucas Evers (Waag Society)
    • Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (Het Nieuwe Instituut)
    • Marie-José Sondeijker (West Den Haag)