Darius Kazemi (US)

Sat 13 May, 17:05
De Brakke Grond

Whereas alchemists tried to create life (the ‘Homonuculus’ or ‘little man’) in their labs with obscure and mystical experiments, ‘bot father’ Darius Kazemi creates living and creative machine identities with his many twitter and Tumblr bots.

Creativity and individuality are often seen as the essence of what makes us human. Internet artist Darius Kazemi a.k.a. Tiny Subversions is at the forefront of a group of artists and researchers who try to build machines that are as creative and individual as humans, whilst having the memory capacity of today’s computers. Kazemi will talk about the impact and influence of bots and the responsibilities of its makers.


Kazemi’s best known works are the Random Shopper (a program that bought him random stuff from Amazon each month) and Content, Forever (a tool to generate rambling thinkpieces of arbitrary length). He founded NaNoGenMo, a research group for writing algorithms to generate automatically written novels, art bot gathering Bot Summit and creative technology cooperative Feel Train. Next to this talk, Kazemi will give a masterclass in this year’s FIBER Festival.

The visit of Darius Kazemi is made possible with the help of Het Nieuwe Instituut with support by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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