David Benqué (FR/UK)

Sat 13 May, 11:35
De Brakke Grond

Trying to explain the world through data and numbers: the alchemists did it, and so does designer and researcher David Benque.

In Benque’s PhD research, he playfully experiments with trying to predict the future using data – as well as re-tracing man’s history of trying to do so. Like the almanac in old times, that brought farmers a bundle of wisdom they relied on all through the year, Benque researches the dogmatic and all-explaining qualities of ultra-rational prediction through algorithms.


David Benqué is a designer/researcher from Paris (FR). He holds a BA in Graphic Design from the KABK in the Hague(NL) and an MA in Design Interactions from the RCA in London (UK). He is currently a PhD candidate in Information Experience Design at the RCA. His design practice aims to creatively question the roles science and technology play in society.