Denisa Kera (CZ)

Fri 12 May, 11:00
De Brakke Grond

We often think of our digital world as a magical one where physical waste does not exist. In reality, most of the gadgets we use everyday deplete our resources and create enormous piles of garbage. Czech philosopher Denisa Kera shows us a growing movement of hackers and makers that no longer want to hide this, but instead try to show the dirty and messy sides of hardware development.

According to Kera: “every new interface and technology build upon our circuits is like an alchemist experiment connecting the humans with the minerals, performing and pushing various boundaries between what is alive and what is passive matter.”


Kera is a philosopher and designer who does research on hackerspaces, makerspaces and publication tools for open and citizen science projects. She completed her PhD in the performativity in language and computer codes. She co-founded ScArt society in 2004 and C2C in 2006. She worked for New Media Studies UISK UK Prague and the National University of Singapore and was a member of the Centre of Global Studies. Currently she’s Visiting Assistant Professor at Arizona State University. 

The visit of Denisa Kera is made possible with the help of Het Nieuwe Instituut with support by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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