LAB 3: Masterclass Art Bots by Darius Kazemi

Thu 11 May, 13:30
De Brakke Grond

FIBER and The New Institute present a masterclass in bot making by none other than the amazing bot artist and creative coder Darius Kazemi (US). The masterclass will consist of two parts. In the first part Darius will showcase some bots, their concepts and development. The second part of the masterclass is focused on developing (conceptual) twitter bots.

Goals: Participants will discuss platform specific bots, investigate the differences and relations between human and algorithmic perception, and will critically review concepts for twitter bots. During the masterclass participants will have the opportunity to build their own twitter bot. More info on the programme of the masterclass will follow after application.


  • Entry level: We invite coders and non-coders to participate. The masterclass aims at making concepts for bots. coding skills (Node.js) are preferred, but not strictly required (we have tools to make bots without high-level coding knowledge).
  • The goal is to develop concepts for bots in teams.

Application Procedure

  • It’s possible to register solo and in teams (one coder + one non-coder preferred).
    • Please sum your familiarity with the described coding skills (might be helpful to get an idea of the overall level)
    • Sign up here
  • We have a maximum of 20 participants: (10 teams of 2).
  • Application deadline extension is 7th of May
  • Costs: €30,- (students: €15,-) (you’ll receive a ticketlink after your application is reviewed and accepted)

Darius Kazemi is special guest of FIBER Festival 2017.  His trip is organised and financed by the International Visitors Program of The New Institute.  

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