Merites (NL)

Music & performance
Fri 12 May, 19:00
De Brakke Grond

Dutch DJ Merites plays a subtle, intriguing mix of gritty, melancholic ambient and slow, brooding electronics.

Merites is a kind of DJ’s DJ: wasting very little time on self-promotion or branding, instead focusing purely on the love of music. Merites played a set last January at FIBER X The Rest Is Noise in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ and we’re very happy to have him back at the festival.

Merites is part of the open foyer programme at De Brakke Grond on Friday.


Merites is the alias of Micha Venderbos, Nijmegen-based owner of labels Photic Fields and First Notions. The former focuses on emotive electronic music and released earlier FIBER artists like Leonid and Convextion, the latter is his recently started ambient label.