Pan Daijing (CH)

Music & performance
Fri 12 May, 0:20
De Brakke Grond

Pan Daijing is a Berlin based artist and musician who brings together an explosive combination of experimental techno, clouds of noise and dark tones. She is inspired by feminism and sexuality and is known for her aggressive and physical performances. At FIBER she will close the Red Space on Friday.

Born and raised in Southwest China, the work of Pan refects the philosophical and uncanny ritualistic tradition from her background. From experimental sound pieces to dance music production, the whirlwind choreography and ferce noise of hers drum up performances of electronic domination. With the gesture of a fearless experimentalist, Pan has crafted various solo projects in galleries, theatres, museums and clubs as well as collaborations cross over felds of contemporary dance, design and architecture. Since 2015 she’s been touring constantly worldwide presenting different pieces of live performance based on improvisation and theatrical narratives.

After the releases of Sex&Disease on Noisekolln and EP A Satin Sight on Dubai based Bedouin Records, her LP debut is due to come out on PAN this year.