Sendai (BE)

Music & performance
Sat 13 May

A shapeshifting, hypnotic ambient beast that never rests: Sendai’s post-techno machine music disorients, fascinates and confounds the listener.

Sendai is the collaboration of Belgian producers Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen, exploring the outer limits of electronic music. Combining De Mey’s modular synths and Van Hoesen’s sound design skills, they create a broken, minimalistic and uncompromised sound world. At FIBER Festival they will perform their latest album ‘Ground And Figure’ – a vast and spacious journey through texture and tone, atmosphere and abstraction, which you can experience at Shelter Amsterdam.

Sendai (BE) Live is part of the concert programme at Shelter (20:30 – 23:00)


Sendai have released three albums: 2012’s ‘Geotope’ on Time To Express, 2014’s ‘A Smaller Divide’ on Archives Intérieures and 2016’s ‘Ground And Figure’ on Editions Mego. Archives Intérieures is their own label, which they use to release some of their own music as well as releases by Imaginary Softwoods and Peder Mannerfelt.

The Sendai sonic landscape displays a duo in full control of their musical direction. Contrary to their previous outings, the pair’s working method became a real hybrid form, crossbreeding analog and digital, allowing the produced tracks more room to shift, swirl and swim around the circumference of the audio spectrum. Essentially then, Sendai is about machine music and hypnotic disorientation. When this duo gets to work in either the studio or on stage, a thudding, pulsating and shapeshifting experimental beast that lives in its own unique world, is summoned.