Tellart (INT)

Sat 13 May, 11:30
De Brakke Grond

Tellart explores various urgent questions and controversies in their design for the Museum of the Future. What is a design agency’s responsibility when tackling issues like climate change and artificial intelligence in the Middle-East?

Tellart is an award winning international design studio that creates interactive objects, immersive spaces and digital experiences for brands, museums and multi­national companies. Tellart was founded fifteen years ago, when data, electronics, and networks began to extend existing design palettes of metal, wood, glass, and plastics. New tools were required to transform these into meaningful experiences.

Today, Tellart’s designers, engineers, and filmmakers drive ideas from concept to final execution. Their projects synthesize the digital and physical– they embody and embed data, networks, and sensors in beautifully crafted objects, art, and architecture, in the real world and in the hands of people.