The Aerographer – Luiz Zanotello (BR)

Fri 12 May—Sun 21 May
Looiersgracht 60

The Areographer is both a system and a map, it takes a different position on mapping the world by tracing the air around us. In its attempt to record this transient matter, we witness the impossible task of trying to define this gaseous substance according to a fixed land position.

The Aerographer (2016) speculates on the gaseous state of matter as Zeitgeist. It is a kinetic structure of fixed nodes and movable probes, which reacts to the subtle changes in the airflow of a room. This tree-like installation measures the airspeed and shifts in room temperature to form a networked kinetic map, which begins to unfold from these measurements taken in motion. The work explores the chaotic behaviour of air to generate an unstable, tangible map of a place, raising questions about the uncertainty that arises from a space of shifting boundaries.


Luiz Zanotello is a Brazilian media artist and designer currently based in Bremen, Germany. His work occurs within digital media studies, often through kinetic installations, poetic machineries and speculative narratives. He has exhibited works at two editions of the FILE festival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (2011 and 2012), at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna (2013), at the The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale in Rio de Janeiro (2013), at the 19th ISWC/UBICOMP in Osaka (2015), at the Dubai Design Week in Dubai (2015), at the Resonate Festival in Belgrade (2016), at the Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel in Berlin (2017), and on different exhibitions in Brazil and Germany. A designer graduated by the São Paulo State University in 2012, he is since 2014 a masters student at the Digital Media program of the University of the Arts Bremen.