The Modeling – Michiel Pijpe (NL)

Fri 12 May—Sun 21 May
Looiersgracht 60

Over the course of 15 years, Michiel Pijpe has developed an image processing procedure that combines optics, light and liquid-chemical processes to produce detailed and strange visual configurations. Central to these experiments are the fundamental alchemical methodologies of coagulation, extraction and separation. The different configurations in chemical interactions provide footage that contains a specific functionality. The resulting images shift between the micro and macro level, and test our perception of the physical world around us.


The Modeling (2017) refers to a making process – a conception – driven by a fascination of not knowing, observing and reimagining. They form a lens through which to create new questions, and offer a glimpse into another world.

In this first series, the artist follows the primal alchemical phase: nigredo or blackness. Nigredo means putrefaction or decomposition. Many alchemists believed that the first procedure required the alchemical ingredients to be cleansed and cooked extensively into a uniform black matter.

Projected from a black background are eight objects. Familiar round shapes that, each with their own distinct surface features, are reminiscent of our own familiar globe. The Modeling contains eight constructed worlds, sequenced as imaginary time-capsule.

For this exhibition FIBER commissioned three works from The Modeling that all have their premiere presentation. Made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund NL.


Michiel Pijpe (1981) studied at the Interfaculty ArtScience, formerly known as Image and Sound, an experimental field of study from the Royal Academy and Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Next to the realisation of photographic works Michiel Pijpe has developed several theatrical installations and performances. In addition, he is affiliated with the Interfaculty ArtScience as a teacher since 2008.

The Modeling is also featured in the next issue of the Dark Mountain Project book series. Issue 11: The Ends of the World. Released in May 2017

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