V2_ x FIBER: Emerging Practices

Fri 12 May—Sat 13 May
De Brakke Grond

For the festival’s conference programme, FIBER teams up with V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media from Rotterdam, to organize two sessions that will introduce the audience to emerging talents and young professionals from the fields of art & design. In each session a selection of participants will present their project, followed by a Q&A. These sessions bring together the broad experience both organisations have in developing and supporting emerging talent.

Emerging Practices a precursor to the Summer Sessions, where each year a selection of artists are offered short-term residencies by a network of cultural organisations from all over the world. Emerging Practices gives the stage to the Summer Sessions alumni and invites the next generation of artists and designers to present their work.


Theodora Kalamatianou (NL)
Nowadays due to technological, demographic and cultural shifts, all that matters regarding work is “being on-line”. Individuals are given the chance to work from distance, while their workplace has been integrated in their portable devices and the human cooperation has been replaced by virtual collaboration technologies.  Taking advantage of this opportunity, a new type of working class has been raised, known as “the digital nomads”. http://inmykeyboard.weebly.com/


Manuel Beltran (ES/NL)
Manuel Beltrán is an artist, activist, and researcher. His artworks have been featured in museums and galleries in The Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Austria and Poland. He researches and lectures on contemporary art, activism, contemporary social movements, post-digital culture and new media. As an activist, he was involved in the Indignados movement in Spain, the Gezi Park protests in Turkey and several forms of independent activism and cyber-activism in Europe and beyond. In 2012 he co-founded the art collective Plastic Crowds, since 2013 he is head and co-founder of the nomadic school and artistic organization Alternative Learning Tank and in 2015 founded the Institute of Human Obsolescence. Beltrán lives and works in The Hague. http://speculative.capital

Ruben van de Ven (NL)
‘Choose how you feel; you have seven options’ is a video work that revolves around this question as it looks at software that derives emotional parameters from facial expressions. It combines human accounts and algorithmic processing to examine the intersection of highly cognitive procedures and ambiguous experiences. https://rubenvandeven.com/

Ingrid Lee (US/NL)
Loss, Dust, and Noise is a performative lecture that connects the history of sound recording technology (phonograph to mp3) and (psycho)acoustic phenomena such as echo, masking and speech jamming with the dissolution and reconfiguration of identities. The lecture focuses on how these elements relate to the breakdown of borders in favor of noise, of the individual in favor of the collective. Ingrideel.com


WOOF & WOW is a project by Gaspard Bos and Charlot Boonekamp develops techniques for transforming plastic bottles into woven products to be used by arts & crafts people or industrial designers. The aim of WOOF & WOW is to include the world’s most disadvantaged communities in the process of design and production of products from waste, as they are moreover the ones that pick up the rest of the world’s trash.  http://www.woofandwow.com

Enright (NL) [Fred de Jongh, Tijn van Seeters, Jaap Velenturf]
Releasing their first singles over the next months, Enright is the new kid on the block in the bass scene. Formed by two childhood friends and completed with the addition of visual artist Hototo, they are ready to pave new ways in the fast-changing landscape of electronic music. www.hototo.nl; www.freddejongh.com ; www.enright.nl;

Fako Berkers (NL)
Fako Berkers is a Dutch media artist and performer who explores the workings of his body (through martial arts) and his computer (through programming). His work reveals things which normally remain hidden, ranging from subconscious behavior to the functioning of algorithms and hidden patterns in data sets and society. Fako makes these things tangible, so that the audience may interact and become familiar with them. http://data-scope.com/

Dries Depoorter (BE)
Dries Depoorter uses programming language and digital media to create his work, usually concerning the internet. He lives online in Ghent, Belgium where he works on his Master degree in media art at KASK, School of Arts Ghent, and is inspired by the latest software documentation. Currently his main focus lies in giving away his own privacy by means of software. http://driesdepoorter.be/

Summer Sessions

The Summer Sessions are short-term, international residencies for emerging artists that are organized by a network of cultural organizations all over the world. During the program emerging artists will work in a highly productive atmosphere in which continuous support, feedback and expert supervision is offered. The result is a pressure cooker in which they will develop a project from concept to presentable work, ready to show.

About V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media

V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). V2_ presents, produces, archives and publishes research at the interface of art, technology and society. Founded in 1981, V2_ offers a platform for artists, designers, scientists, researchers, theorists, and developers of software and hardware from various disciplines to discuss their work and share their findings. In V2_’s view, art and design play an essential role in the social embedding of technological developments. V2_ creates a context in which issues regarding the social impact of technology are explored through critical dialogue, artistic reflection and practice-oriented research.