Yoni van den Eede (BE)

Fri 12 May, 17:05
De Brakke Grond

Understanding media usage through philosophy and epistemology is the aim of the work of Flemish researcher Yoni Van Den Eede.

Yoni Van Den Eede brings philosophy and media ecology together in human-technology relationship research. He shows how technology and media are neither just tools nor a force of nature in itself, but both: technology shapes the world we live in, but it’s also malleable, both intrinsically linked and hostile to our being. His research aims to make us aware of and help us use the invisible aspects and effects of media and technology.

Van Den Eede is a postdoctoral fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders, researching the philosophy of media, technology and media ecology. He is the author of ‘Amor Technologiae’ (2012) and ‘Mens en media’ (2014). He is President of the Society for Phenomenology and Media and teaches at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.